At Lens-to-Screen Services we transfer or convert your movies, films videos and photographs (obtained with a lens of movie camera, video camera, camcorder, film camera and digital camera) and produce a DVD which you can then conveniently watch and enjoy on your big screen TV.

If the movies and videos are old it may be wise to convert them to digital format... before they turn into dust.

We offer our videography services.

We can produce your project on Blu-ray discs.

We are located in Powell River, BC, Canada.

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8 and Super 8 home movies on film
8 & Super 8 home movies on film


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8, Hi-8 and Digital 8 video cassettes
8mm video cassettes
VHS, VHS-C and Super VHS video cassettes
VHS video cassettes
MiniDV (DVC) video cassettes
Mini-DV video cassettes

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