Custom Video Editing & Production

In addition to shooting a video for you we will produce a finished product based on your existing video footage, thus making a Blu-ray or DVD that is both more convenient and enjoyable to watch. Just put it in your disc player. Perhaps you have camcorder footage from special or family events such as birthday parties. If you are like most folks that record these events with a camcorder you've recorded everything "just in case". Most folks rarely actually watch the recording afterwards because much of it is boring or perhaps it is just too inconvenient to connect the camcorder to their television set. Copying from camcorder to VHS tape often yields disappointing results with inferior quality.

If you prefer to have your video dubbed "as is" without any editing please see our Video Dubbing page.

A great idea when making gifts of family videos or films to present to the family is to have you video recorded now with an introductory greeting. We can do that too!

We can utilize your existing video footage, from a variety of sources including these camcorder and video recorder formats:

  • MiniDV
  • 8 mm
  • Hi-8 mm
  • Digital 8 mm
  • Compact VHS
  • VHS
If you have footage in another format not listed here we still might be able to help you, especially if you have the equipment it was recorded on or capable of playing it. So be sure to ask!

Footage from these formats can be captured to a video editing computer and then the fun begins. Don't worry, your original is left unaltered.

  • Segments are edited, boring or unwanted pieces are deleted and segments re-arranged to your desire.
  • Music and voice-overs can be added.
  • Titles and overlays can be added.
  • Do you want add still photos too? No problem! We can scan your prints and import photos from your digital camera storage. Again, your originals will be left unaltered.
  • 35-mm slides and 35-mm negatives strips can be scanned too.
  • You can be involved in the editing process if you like, or just leave it up to us.
  • Once a master video production is finished it can be recorded on a DVD to play on your player.
Once the master has been produced and is to your satisfaction you may wish to consider getting extra copies made to share with others.

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